About us

We are Anna & Pierre, a cross-cultural couple who met and lived in the US prior to moving to Anna’s country, Guatemala to raise our 2 kids.

Parents of a 3 years old toddler and a 11 months old baby – as of May 2015 – we face the usual struggles that most parents of toddlers have, mixed with the joys of seeing them learn and discover this world.

This site is primarily a mean for us to express ourselves, share with our family and friends in Europe, the US and LatAm, and, sometimes, have an avenue to vent.

Thanks for visiting our humble place and for sharing with us!

Anna & Pierre


Faced with overwhelming spam, we’ve had to close the comments – for now – among other measures. A big thanks to MXGuarddogs for their spam blocker that has dramatically helped us in reducing the junk we receive by email as well!